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Years of diverse Sales Techniques offer a Significantly Different Training approach than you have ever experienced.

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 It has become more and more obvious that it’s the same information and advice simply wrapped in a different package that you keep supporting. After all, it should only take one ‘guru’ and a few hundred, maybe thousand bucks to turn you into a multi-millionaire mogul, right?  Well, if it hasn’t happened yet, it might just be worthwhile to take a good look at why, and what is different about us!

 Reaching your full potential and increasing daily productivity is best achieved by first getting to know and understand yourself really well. Already having all the tools you need, you can learn how to use them effectively and efficiently and… it will last forever!

 Everything currently available on the market about winning, coaching and success is the same old (great) information that we do all need to know. It is useful, solid and simply true. Sometimes free education that is presented to us in a variety of creative ways is distracting and ultimately useless because we are clearly incapable of using it. At the end of the day, as motivated and committed as we are, it is still very hard for us to apply any of it into our lives, WHY is that?

 We all need to build strong platforms for a stress-free, prosperous and happier everyday life, to be able to create an achievable and sustainable “business/life model” for ourselves. We must learn how to turn our dreams into actual goals and those goals into well orchestrated achievements, all while operating in and with our own minds and bodies.

 If we can learn how to develop our core strengths (characteristics) and make improvements to our communication skills (interaction with others), both critical to a meaningful and lasting peace, we will achieve more, and it will last longer and be better!

 This method is NOT in any of the “best seller” books you might have read, videos you might have watched or seminars you have attended. You will however, soon get the results for all the time and money previously invested in any and every self improvement temptation available. There is no more hype, no more temporary motivation, no ‘Kool-Aid’ and best of all, No More Packaged Information or Systems to Get Sold!

 By knowing yourself well enough, and amping up your game, you can be empowered to use all the information you have previously purchased and customize all those time and money investments into something of a significant value, forever!


About me…

I will not only show you how, but actually help you to put what you have learned in to practical use. This is the game changer! You are not going to be alone wondering why it’s so hard when you have all the information!   

Having attended dozens of Sales Seminar from when Tom Hopkins was a young man, to walking on hot coals with Tony Robbins, Gordon has read too many books to mention, listened to umpteen tapes, watched so many videos but, like you, has yet to find ‘the one’, you know the one that changes your life for you. 

Gordon is a thrill seeking, serial entrepreneur, having found fulfillment in many different and interesting endeavors.

Born in Namibia, (age 1-7), raised in Cape Town, South Africa, he showed up in Los Angeles, all alone at 25 years old, without a single contact, formal education or money, and more specifically without a plan. Learning everything on the fly, he soon found himself in many diverse and interesting jobs, just to stay afloat in the good, old U.S.of A. These included selling four foot teddy bears door to door, men’s retail suits and dating club memberships to head hunting in the computer business, syndicating thoroughbred racehorses, stock brokering, selling and investing in real estate, owning and building restaurants and then selling really high-technology to research scientists, all over the world. His passion for learning is the driving force behind his love for teaching. 

As a certified Life Coach, Anger Management Facilitator, Advanced Gold Toastmaster, Youth Sports Coach and a 5 times published Author, he will show you just how to be the best YOU possible. This will include taking all the good advice you have ever received from anywhere, or anybody, and putting it into everyday practical use. Having used these techniques in his own life, Gordon will share what works ‘MoreBetter’ and will generously provide you the opportunity to learn from his many ‘failures/lessons’ along the exciting way to living an extremely grateful life.

Gordon has lived in Sherman Oaks, California for 34 years and is happily married for 31 years with two super awesome, successful grown kids. His five books on Amazon, including “Best Seller” Street Smart Kids and Built to Bully are written with the sole purpose of helping others to avoid some pretty hard-to-fix mistakes. He remains intent on earning the privilege of meeting new people more often than not, creating lasting relationships, all while doing as many fun things as is possible and, continuing to be a contributing member of his household, society and community

The Key is MoreBetter core strengths and communication skills

"how you project yourself to others is Essentially the Main component to success in your business and Personal life."

What you look like, what you say and how you say it, is


You judge and are judged every day, dozens of times by everyone you encounter. You may not want to believe it but judgement is one of your most important defense mechanisms. Without situational awareness, a.k.a. judging your situation, you would be dead, dead broke or dead wrong about many people!  Judgement often leads to disappointment or anger but one’s ability to show compassion, empathy and maintain composure in any situation are very important character developments to consider. 


It’s not just what you say but how you say it, and most importantly, the message that comes about because of what you just said. Many people are unaware of how the ‘message’ really affects the receiver and is the primary reason why people fail to connect on any real level. Your message, aware of it or not, can ruin a relationship before it has a chance to develop.  Potential relationships will end too soon, leaving both parties frustrated, alone again, and without receiving the attention, respect and consideration they were expecting.

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DISCLAIMER: The intention is to empower you with new perspectives and support to use all the information that you already have. By sharing critically important insights and proven methods to succeed, we are sure to challenge, motivate and inspire you but we cannot guarantee your success, only You Can Do That!